Deciding to write this blog couldn’t come at a better time for me. As it finally starts to warm up in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and more than enough snow days, there is a wash of new activity. Outside activity. People are running, biking, planting. At the small park near my work people are sailing handmade miniature boats across the its-about-freaking-time-they-melted ponds. My neighbors are preparing their lawns for the short nice season (despite threats of  still yet to come snow) and people I haven’t seen all winter emerge with dogs I’d forgotten they had. 

As my family works outside right now, planting seeds for the vegetable garden that maybe this year will actually come to fruition, I am struck with a notion. I don’t like to go outside. Occasionally I will take a walk, jump a turn on the trampoline, or try to read under the shade of a large backyard tree. But when it comes down to it, I’m always too hot or too cold, the trampoline scares the shit out of me, and there are always spiders and ants keeping my company under that tree. And I don’t like it. 

But another notion strikes. That doesn’t mean my life is sad. The inside isn’t boring. It’s temperature controlled and there’s every bit of knowledge and humor I would ever want, handed to me on a silver platter by this here wonderful internet. 

Now’s the time I should probably mention that I’m a nerd. And that, I think, is the key to living a fulfilling indoor life. And I have chosen to write this blog for two reasons: A. I want to share the trials and tribulations of that  lifestyle, my lifestyle, with the internet and B. I am a writer that needs to write something, so help her gods. 

I graduated college recently with a Bachelors in Writing and not a thing to do with it. And that wasn’t the only big life change to happen in the last four months. Right now, I am starting afresh, trying to make a new life for myself with a new outlook and attitude, new friends and ambitions. 

But this blog won’t be about my life, not the personal details, not about that boy I like what will remain unrequited or how much I hate my job. I want to write about my life as an indoor gal and why I find that so satisfying. Books, movies, tv shows, memes, authors, actors, recipes, science. These are the types of topics I hope to cover. No rhyme or reason, but organized chaos. The mind of an indoor girl. 

I don’t like to go outside.