Why John Green is Awesome

Extra, extra! A blog post on a completely unscheduled day, you say? What is this madness?

Well, this madness is my brain overflowing with the writing urges. Between the Minnesota House passing the Marriage Equality Bill and an argument with a dear friend about what the word “nerd” means, I have a lot to talk about. So I will write about John Green today, a post that will be short as it is just a fangirl indulgence, I will post about the Marriage Equality Bill tomorrow, and then on Monday I will resume the normal schedule with a post about the word Nerd. Nerd is teh Word. (That was not a typo.)


Onward! Why John Green is Awesome!


1. He writes things that are awesome. If you have been keeping up with my little blog, you will have read my post about The Fault in Our Stars. That is not his only literary achievement. He is also known for Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson, among others.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson won a Stonewall Book Award for “Excellence in GLBT children’s and YA literature. The  Fault in Our Stars was #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List two different times. But let me say that one more time. Excellence in GLBT children’s and YA literature. This is a man who studied religious studies in school. Amazing.

2. Project for Awesome. Project for Awesome is an ongoing event that Green created in 2007  to encourage YouTubers to devote two days of the year, December 17 & 18, to promote and raise money for charities and nonprofit organizations. The original goal was $100,00 and in 2007 they quadrupled that number. The 2012 event yielded over $480,000 with countless numbers of videos uploaded and comments posted.

To learn more about Project for Awesome, to participate or donate: http://projectforawesome.com/

3. John Green is a feminist. My favorite example:


4. John Green cares about the smarts:



5. He is just generally the definition of a scholarly badass:

“But, you know, to be honest with you, I don’t know if this is going to sound unreasonably pretentious, but I expect readers to know what a hamartia is, and I expect them to know what Zeno’s paradox is.”

“Let’s be honest about why that is: the rise of the Internet, the niche-ification of the Internet. We don’t mock people celebrating those things, so it’s possible to have nerd heroes. They existed in the past, like Mr. Wizard, but they tended to be dehumanized and emasculated, they tended to have their humanness removed.

If we’re really restructuring our ideas of heroism, then we get a world where that knowledge is widely sought not to achieve as in a physics degree but just as part of being a well-rounded human.”


And there you have it, short and sweet, why I freaking adore John Green.


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