It’s a Whovasion and Nothing Is Sacred

Another Doctor Who post! I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and what better time than right after another Doctor Who post? This is about how Whovians claim EVERYTHING as their own. Nothing is sacred. I will briefly catalog some of my great crossover findings and theories from my time on the internet. I didn’t even have to search these out. Simply following Doctor Who facebook and pinterest pages lead me to these with no need to strain the google.

1. First and foremost, Harry Potter

harry potter

So there are three big reasons why Doctor Who/HP crossovers are so popular.

A. Those who like DW undoubtedly also like HP. They are both nerdy, English past times.

B. Bigger on the inside technology. The Doctor’s TARDIS is a spaceship that looks like a normal sized police box on the outside and is bigger on the inside. The wizards also have this technology. We see it with Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia, the tents for the Quidditch World Cup, Hermione’s purse, and the Room of Requirement. A lot of people think the first time we see this “bigger on the inside” is with the tents in HP & The Goblet of Fire, but we really see it in The Chamber of Secrets, where the car has been “modified” to fit 8 people. Whovians tend to ignore this because it’s too fun to think that  David Tennant’s appearance in the movie playing Barty Crouch Jr. has something to do with the wizards being able to have tents that are bigger on the inside.

And that leads us to C.  David Tennant. Tennant played the 10th Time Lord in the Doctor Who 2005 reboot series and then he shows up in HP 11 months later. And here’s a fun little tidbit. The last chapter of GoF  that Crouch Jr. appears in is called “The Parting of the Ways”… and the first episode David Tennant appears in as The Doctor? “The Parting of the Ways.” Really, it’s no wonder Whovians aren’t more all over this Wizards/Time Lords shipping.

2. James Bond

james time lord

This one isn’t even a stretch. The same guy, played by multiple actors over multiple years, who appears younger than his actual age, fights bad guys, saves the world, and has “companions?” I’m calling it. James Bond is a time lord.

3. Rugrats


So, it’s actually no secret that the creators of Rugrats are Whovians. The Daleks in the lower picture are a clear indication, because really, you don’t draw Daleks on accident. And Tommy Pickles’ ever-so-useful screwdriver? Come on. But they couldn’t have anticipated the bow ties and I am inclined to believe that somehow it was the creators of Rugrats and Tommy’s adorable bow ties that was the reason for 11’s fondness of bow ties. Because bow ties are cool.

4. Sailor Moon I can hear you saying, “What? Sailor Moon?” Yeah, no, it happened. Some lovely person created this:

sailor moon

Doctor Moon? Sailor Who? I really don’t know.

5. Pocahontas 

2013-06-09 21.53.45

Only someone who’s seen the show will understand this and I’ll admit I laughed harder than I should have. But I’ll put it out there, if you talk about drumming, constant drumming, ignoring drumming… a Whovian can tie it back to The Master.

6. Star Wars

star wars 2

Was R2D2 based on the Daleks? I suppose it is very possible. The Daleks first appeared in Doctor Who’s first season, 5th episode that resulted in a 7 episode serials now just referred to as The Daleks or Doctor Who and The Daleks. We don’t meet R2D2 until 1977. Given their similar appearances, I suppose it’s very possible that the Daleks are father to R2D2.

7. The Magic School Bus

river song

I’m going to be really honest, this is my favorite. They both love science. They both have curly red hair. They both hang out with gingers. They both wear space suits. They both know how to operate a contraption that lets them travel in time, space, and bodies. (“The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs” shows that Ms. Frizzle has a time machine and in “Let’s Kill Hitler” the TARDIS shrinks to go into the human-shaped Teselecta.) I am pretty sure that River Song is based on Ms. Frizzle. Just saying. 

8. Mary Poppins

2013-06-08 09.32.43

Well really, who can argue that?

9. Captain America

captain america

Notice how James’ date never talks? Yeah, it’s because she’s British. Funny enough, this theory didn’t actually work until the final episode of season 7, “The Name of the Doctor” aired. Before it was just fun to see her in Captain America, now Whovians can put their own spin onto why she’s there.

10. The Stanley Cup

stanley cup dalek

Seriously, I told you. Whovians will take anything even remotely Doctor Who and make it theirs. The Stanley Cup?  Really? This goes a little far even for me.

11. Monsters Inc. 

monsters inc

If this is not doctored (Haha, see what I did there?) Monsters Inc. did this to themselves. I have not rewatched the movie to prove or disprove this claim. If Whovians have altered this photo, well it just goes to show how far Whovians will go to make everything a little slice of DW.

12. Pokemon


Bigger on the inside technology of course. Maybe Ash lived on Gallifrey or a distant cousin there of. Maybe a Time Lord once visited them and bestowed this knowledge. Who knows.

13. Mean Girls

mean girls

Seriously, it’s just hilarious and needs to be posted everywhere.

14. Humor Surrounding Numbers

number humor

number humor 2

This reminds me of Demetri Martin saying, “It’s weird how one group of people took refracted light. That’s very greedy, gays.” Well I say, it’s weird how one group of people took humor about numbers. That’s very greedy, Whovians. Well, at least numbers between 1 and 11 (Soon to be 12.)



Last but not least, this guy. The guy who used The Doctor’s Pandorica Speech to promote a Stop CISPA petition. Literally, guys. Literally. EVERYTHING.

Well my beautiful readers, that’s all I have for you. 15 things that Whovians have somehow made their own. If anyone knows of anything I’ve forgotten or probably haven’t heard of, please post it in the comments! See you all Thursday.


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