So it’s time for my much awaited Webcomics Series!!!!

Okay…. so maybe just much awaited by me. Because no one else knew I was planning this. And most readers probably aren’t as mega enthused by webcomics as I am. Webcomics are one of the few things in my life that stay constant and for that I love them. Monday through Friday each week at least one of my comics is new. In the morning before I go to work I read my comics to prepare for the day. They and their writers are my morning cup of coffee. (Did that just get way too dramatic?)

So for the next several weeks I will talk about webcomics I currently read religiously, read every now and then, and past comics that have been completed but I loved all the same.

Today’s webcomic is a SHAMELESS PLUG. My good friends Robin Karleskint and H. Renae Croissant have recently started a webcomic. Only 24 comics old, this webcomic is still an infant and holds all the joy new babies do.

I love new webcomics. Webcomics that are not only new to me but the internet. There is so much hope and promise in following a new webcomic. You get to see the story progress, the art evolve, you get to wait painstakingly each week for the newest comic, and you get to say, “I’ve been reading it from the beginning!”

What-Man is all I want a new webcomic to be. About a guy named Ted who wants nothing more than to be a super hero. … Except he has no super powers. … And doesn’t know his super hero name. …And has a poncho made out of a garbage bag.

what man edited image

The comic has a wry sense of humor, making fun of everything from art students (Portrayed by Ted’s oh-so-dramatic roommate, photographer Rob) to hopes & dreams. The story is written in Ted’s point of view and completely encompasses a person who looks at life in a hopefully cynical and completely pragmatic way.

what man edited 2

What I like most about the comic is that the story is promising. It introduces characters slowly and endears them to the reader and there is a sense of mystery of what’s yet to come. Ted’s messy, rambling path to super hero-dom makes you want to keep reading just to see what antics he gets into next.

what man edited 3

So go read What-Man here. It’s a quick read and you’ll be hooked. What-Man releases every Thursday and is totally worth the wait.

Enjoy and come back next week for my post about Questionable Content!

For more work from these two awesome writers, check out Robin’s blog all about being a freelance copywriter and H. Renae’s amazing and fun Tumblr blog “The Late Review” where she reviews movies long past new.


2 thoughts on “What-Man

  1. Looks cool, I’ll definitely be reading thanks!

  2. So glad you’re enjoying the comic! Thank you so much for posting this, you rock. 🙂 And keep up the great work, I’m really loving your blog.

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