Questionable Content

Ok, ok, I am really late in updating this week. It has to do with that all that messy personal stuff that no wants to read about.

Webcomic Week Two!

So this week I am going to talk about the absolutely fabulous webcomic Questionable Content by the amazingly talented Jeph Jacques. (Updates Monday – Friday) (Lookit all those adverbs and adjectives I used, I’m such a fancy writer.)

This is a webcomic where I get to smile and brag, “I’ve been reading it from the beginning!” And that is really saying something. Today marks the 2,483rd comic in this long running series. It started back on August 1st of 2003 (That’s TEN YEARS. Seriously, that’s so freaking cool, a 10 year webcomic run). And the comic has come a long way.

Comic 1:


Comic 1695:

qc 1695

Comic 2842:

qc 2482

LOOK AT THAT. The art has advanced tenfold! (1 fold a year. :P) And it has been absolutely wonderful to watch the webcomic evolve.

So what’s it about and why do I love it so much?

What its all about. You know the show Friends? If they had all lived in a little town in Massachusetts, been indie rockers, had talking robotic computers (And Roombas!) and been generally more badass… they would have been Questionable Content. It’s a webcomic about friends, romance, and being unique and different. The cast of characters is actually quite extensive but it mainly follows Martin (The guy in the TEH shirt [NO. He doesn’t always wear that shirt. The first and latest non-4th of July comic just worked out perfectly for my timing.] It is his favorite shirt though, obviously), his roommate Faye, and Faye’s boss at sassy Coffee of Doom Dora. There’s also OCD and germaphobic (but getting way better!) Hannelore, anime/manga/WOW nerd Marigold, pervy PC robot Pintsize, lesbian librarian Tai, and many many more.

Why I like it:

It’s not 100% realistic. Between the robot computers, ipods, and roombas and a trip to an intensely futuristic space station, Jeph has allowed himself some wiggle room with reality.

It’s hilarious. Seriously, just read the comics above and tell me this webcomic isn’t a hoot. I definitely wouldn’t read it if it didn’t make me laugh.

There’s an ongoing story. Every story has arcs, but QC is following it’s characters lives. Lives are messy and sometimes their stories aren’t as linear as we’d like them to be. Jeph is wonderful at moving the story along as if it’s real life. And while there are random one hit comics here and there, this isn’t the bulk of the comic and I appreciate that. (I’m having a little beef with another comic right now.)

It talks about serious issues. This is probably the reason that QC held me in the first place. It’s very real and it’s not afraid to talk about real stuff. Not only the pain of failed relationships and job suckage, but divorce, suicide, therapy, the inability to trust, to be intimate, sexuality. Recently Jeph introduced a character who is transgender. A very brave move, and if you can be proud of someone you don’t know, something I am proud of him for. This comic refuses to stay on the surface of human pain and emotion and that really draws the reader in.

So read Questionable Content! Seriously, if you haven’t it’s a real shame because it is basically the webcomics of webcomics. Even people who don’t read webcomics read QC. And it won’t take too long to get caught up. 10 years worth of comics isn’t that many right? 😀


(Everything belongs to Jeph Jacques, okay? The art, the characters, everything. None of it is miiiiiine!)


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