CONvergence 2014 Plans

So, CONvergence just ended and I didn’t get to go. 😦 Saddest of days.

For those of you not in the know, CONvergence is a huge Science Fiction/Fantasy/Fan Person convention held in Bloomington, MN every summer that everyone who is anyone attends.

To be honest, I have never gone. My convention of choice was always Anime Detour. But with my love of anime fading and my other nerd qualities growing, I really wanted to go to CONvergence. It didn’t happen, but that’s okay, it won’t stop me from planning for next year.

Anyone whose been to a convention can attest to the same convention fact: They are stanky. Seriously, the body odor is intensely pungent. This happens for a few reasons. The first is that there are literally thousands of people in attendance and the hotel the convention takes place in is just not meant to hold that many people. The body odors mingle and BAM, gross smelling air. Another big reason is that most people are in costume and they are sweating up a storm. Costumes are hot, wigs are hot, pretty much everything about dressing up for a convention is hot. And hot means sweaty. And sweaty means BO.

But the biggest reason that cons smell so bad is that people just don’t shower. For some reason being smelly and gross is just the preferred modus operandi for these nerd boys (yeaaah, I’m gonna blame it on the boys).

So, I have made a decision about CONvergence 2014: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I am going to dress up as Axe Body Spray.

I’m going to give you a moment to take that in.

That’s right. Axe Body Spray. Specifically, this Axe Body Spray:


Axe Twist, chosen for it’s bright colors and fun designs.

Now, never one to be literal, I have some plans for the costume. For starters, I will not be making any large cylindrical costume out of cardboard. That is not my style. Black pants, a black shirt, and sewn on yellow/green details and the AXE logo will suit my purpose just fine. A green wig, a hairpiece made to look like a nozzle, and, my favorite part, a utility belt loaded up with all sorts of Axe Body Sprays so that I can help out any unfortunate passersby who made need a little bit of a scented pick me up.

So, over the next year I will blog as I create my costume. Step 1 is to buy the wig so that I can match the green fabric accordingly! I have narrowed it down to two choices:




I am leaning towards the shorter wig due to expert advice from a good friend and long-time awesome costumer.

So there you have it. Random blog of the week.


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