My Bookshelf

I am in a weird mood where I just want to talk about my books. And while it’s not hard-hitting blog writing, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! 😛

I have room for 3 of my own bookshelves, but two of them have been taken over by dvds. And since dvds are used with more frequency in my house, this makes sense. But as a result, I have one bookshelf dedicated to books and about 5 of those 56 gallon tubs you can buy at Target or Walmart.

So how could I possibly decided which books to display and which  to put away? It was a hard decision, I assure you, and there are days where I am angrily rummaging through tubs trying to find the books I promised to lend to a friend, and it is always at the very bottom of tub #5.

First, I kept out the books that mean the most to me. Authors whose entire collections I own or books I reread once a year despite my ever growing list of new books. My bookshelf also features a bunch of non-fiction self help books and my writing books. And then everything unread and brand new. And by brand new, I mean brand new to me, because no one as poor as I could buy all these books from Barnes & Noble. Can I get a wristband that says “Half Price Books For Life” or “WWHPBD?”

2013-08-14 11.11.11


There’s still pleeeeenty of room for new books before I have to get another tub. 😀

One day I hope to live in a house with a library.







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