Ice Bucket Challenge & Water.Org

780¬†Million… the number of people world-wide who do not have access to clean water

3.5 Million… the number of people who die each year because of this lack

20 Seconds… the amount of time between each water-related death of a child

180 Gallons… the average amount of water an American uses per day

5 Gallons… the average amount of water an African uses per day


We have a problem. Around the world humans are dying because they don’t have access to clean water. Children are dying. Not only do these families not have access to clean drinking water, but the hospitals don’t have access to clean water to perform medical treatments effectively. Clothing and bodies are washed in muddy rivers because the little clean water they have cannot be spared.

Last month I was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Like anyone who uses social media, I was aware of the challenge and its widespread effects. I knew that the challenge was worsening the drought in California. I knew that some people thought the challenge a waste of clean water when so many people around the world have no access to clean water. I had been developing a plan to donate to a water charity as well as to ALS when I saw Matt Damon’s challenge.

Matt Damon uses toilet water for his challenge to really hit home a point – the toilet water in the US is cleaner than the water in most of the developing world. So my sisters and I decided just donating to a water charity was not enough, we needed to try to make a bigger impact, so we started our own fundraiser on Water.Org.

Water Equality¬†is our hope to help people who don’t have all that we have. Out goal is to reach $750 and we only have 65 days left to do it. Celebrity fundraisers always reach phenomenal heights, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m hoping that enough people care enough to donate or to share this with their friends, we can make that goal and help a whole lot of people.

A donation of only $25 can give a person access to clean water for life. That’s two nice meals, a few books, half a concert ticket… it’s not a lot of money in the scheme of things. So please, donate what you can and share this post with your friends and family, on your own blogs, twitters, tumblrs, and try to get the message out.

If we reach our goal of $750, 30 people will have access to clean water and that will be 30 more than do today.

Please help and share.